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Over 28 years as a leader in the development of Industrial Electronics products.

Experience leads to success, and that success is what we pass on to every one of our customers.  No matter the project, you can be sure that we have the skills and expertise to fully complete it.


Engineers who focus on developing effective and efficient solutions.

Being innovative isn’t just about creating something new and unique.  It also encompasses a solution which adds value and solves a problem.  Our innovative solutions are always tailored to fit your needs and maximize the return on your investment.


Additional production, emergencies, new problem.

M.A.K.S, Inc. will work with you to develop a flexible production schedule that matches your company’s demand fluctuations.  We can even supply just a portion of your demand to handle unexpected peaks and fluctuations, eliminating extra inventory and unnecessary air freight costs and giving you the protection of an additional source

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