Box Build Assembly

MAKS has the necessary skills and technicians to help with your “Box Build” with the highest quality and a competitive price. As a complete electronic engineering and assembly outfit, we are ready to take on your project(s) and perform all needed testing. In addition, we will package and apply all necessary labels and barcode. Our labels can be applied to all wires and necessary connections so that you can have a complete product. Also, MAKS is capable of reverse engineering your current box builds as well as improve current pin to pin wire designs to PCB and surface mount with minimal wire hookups.

Lastly, we will test your box based on your specifications. If you do not have the proper testing procedures, our technicians will work with you to develop the proper testing procedures. Bottom line, your products will be built to spec and tested completely before it leaves our premises. Give us a call today and let’s discuss your next project.

Why Choose MAKS

28 Years of Experience

Our commitment to excellence has been a focus with every customer throughout our history.

Technology Leaders

Innovative solutions utilizing techniques which are on the leading edge have established MAKS as proven leaders.

Efficiency Savings

The use of better design methods as well as more thorough upfront research coupled with better assets utilization and more economical procurement practices guarantee the maximum efficiency possible during the design and manufacturing phases.

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